A.3 Optimizing Designer Forms for the Approvals App

The Approvals app renders Designer forms using either native iOS controls or HTML, depending on the complexity of each specific form. Native iOS controls provide a more standard look and feel to forms, while HTML-rendered forms look similar to forms in the identity applications interface.

When creating new forms in Designer, we recommend simplifying forms as much as possible so that the app uses native iOS controls.

You can also configure your forms to display a more complex version of the form in the identity applications and a less complex version in the Approvals app, using the suffix _mobile.

For example, if you have an Approval activity form called approveLaptop, you can create a new form called approveLaptop_mobile that acts as a simplified version of the original Approval activity form. In order for data item mapping to function correctly, the _mobile form must include the same fields as the original. We recommend you keep both versions of the form synchronized.

The following steps can help you optimize your forms so the app can render using iOS controls:

  1. Ensure the Identity Applications server has the correct version and patch installed. The server must have version 4.0.2 Patch B or later installed.

  2. Ensure the form has no scripts.

  3. Ensure the form contains only fields with the following supported data types and control types:

    • boolean: any control type

    • date: any control type

    • time: any control type

    • decimal or integer: Text control type only

    • dn: DNDisplay or read-only MVEditor control types only

    • string: Text, Password, Title, TextArea, or read-only MVEditor control types only

For more detailed information about creating forms in Designer, see Creating Forms for a Provisioning Request Definition, in the NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to Designing the Identity Applications.