36.0 Using NetIQ Access Manager for Single Sign-On

This section helps you configure NetIQ Access Manager and OSP to support single sign-on access in Identity Manager.

Before beginning, review the following assumptions for these instructions:

  • You have installed a new, supported version of Access Manager.

  • You have installed a new version of Identity Manager.

  • Both installations use DNS names for the host name configuration.

  • Both installations use SSL protocol for communication.

  • (Conditional) For reverse-proxy single sign-on service, Access Manager and Identity Manager are pointing to the same user store for authentication.

  • (Conditional) For SAML supported authentication, Access Manager and Identity Manager are pointing to any supported user store. For more information, see NetIQ Access Manager Administration Guide.

  • You have installed the certificate using DNS on application server where OSP is installed.

You need to be familiar with NetIQ Access Manager capabilities so that you understand the context of the content in this section. For more information about NetIQ Access Manager, see the Access Manager documentation website.