3.3 Copying Java Class .jar Files Between Stages

If you use any custom Java-based functionality in your Identity Manager policies, you must ensure you move that functionality from one stage to the next. Designer does not automatically move this functionality between stages.

To move this functionality, you must use SCP or FTP to manually copy each related Java class, stored in a .jar file, from the first-stage IDM server to the second-stage IDM server. Note that this process takes place outside of Designer and requires moving the actual files from one computer to another, rather than from one project to another.

Identity Manager typically stores Java classes in the following directory:


However, in some environments, Java classes may be stored in a different Java classpath. To determine if your driver set uses a different Java classpath, complete the following steps:

  1. Right-click the driver set in the Designer Modeler and select Properties.

  2. Click Java. Designer displays any additional Java classpath locations in the Classpath additions field.