17.2 Using the Silent Installation Process

You can use scripts to silently install Designer without user interaction. The -i silent option uses default parameter values for the installation unless you edit the designerInstaller.properties file.

  1. Log in with an administrator account to the computer where you want to install Designer.

  2. Navigate to the directory containing the installation program.

  3. (Optional) To configure the installation directory and the language for Designer, complete the following steps.

    1. Open the designerInstaller.properties file, by default in the Path_to_unzipped_Designer_file\products\Designer directory.

    2. In the properties file, modify the values for the following parameters:


      Specifies the path to the location where you want to install Designer. For example:


      If you specify a path that does not end with the designer directory, the Designer installation program automatically appends a designer directory.


      Specifies one of the following languages that you want Designer to launch after installation:

      • zh_CN - Chinese Simplified

      • zh_TW - Chinese Traditional

      • nl - Dutch

      • en - English

      • fr - French

      • de - German

      • it - Italian

      • ja - Japanese

      • pt_BR - Portuguese Brazil

      • es - Spanish

    3. Save and close the properties file.

  4. Run one of the following command:

                  install -i silent -f Path\designerInstaller.properties