22.1 Upgrading Designer

  1. Log in as an administrator to the server where Designer is installed.

  2. To create a backup copy of your projects, export your projects.

    For more information about exporting, see Exporting a Project in the NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager Administration Guide.

  3. Launch the Designer installation program from Identity Manager media (\products\Designer\install.exe)

  4. Select the language to install Designer in, then read and accept the license agreement.

  5. Specify the directory where Designer is installed, then click Yes in the message stating you already have Designer installed.

  6. Select whether the shortcuts should be placed on your desktop and in your desktop menu.

  7. Review the summary, then click Install.

  8. Review the Release Notes, then click Next.

  9. Select to launch Designer, then click Done.

  10. Specify a location for your Designer workspace, then click OK.

  11. Click OK in the warning message stating that your project needs to be closed and converted.

  12. In the Project view, expand the project, then double-click Project needs conversion.

  13. Review the steps that the Project Converter Wizard performs, then click Next.

  14. Specify a name for the backup of your project, then click Next.

  15. Review the summary of what happens during the conversion, then click Convert.

  16. Review the summary after the conversion finishes, then click Open.

After upgrading to the current version of Designer, you must import all Designer projects from the older version. When you initiate the import process, Designer runs the Project Converter Wizard, which converts the older projects to the current version. In the wizard, select Copy project into the workspace. For more information about the Project Converter, see the NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager Administration Guide.