28.8 Uninstalling iManager

This section explains how to uninstall iManager and iManager Workstation. You do not need to follow a specific sequence for uninstalling iManager or the associated third-party components. NetIQ recommends reviewing the considerations for uninstalling any of these components:

  • If you uninstall either the web server or the servlet container, you cannot run iManager.

  • On all platforms, the uninstallation removes only files that the process installed in the first place. The uninstallation process does not remove any files that the application creates as it runs. For example, the log files and auto-generated configuration files that are created while Tomcat runs.

  • The uninstallation process does not remove any files that were created or modified files within the directory structure that were originally added during the installation. This action ensures that the process does not unintentionally delete data.

  • Uninstalling iManager does not affect any of the RBS configurations that you have set in your tree. The uninstallation process does not remove log files or custom content.

IMPORTANT:Before uninstalling iManager, back up any custom content or other special iManager files that you want to retain. For example, customized plug-ins.

28.8.1 Uninstalling iManager on Windows

To uninstall iManager components use the Control Panel utility for adding and removing programs. The following conditions apply to the uninstallation process:

  • The Control Panel utility lists Tomcat and NICI separately from iManager. If you are no longer using them, uninstall these programs.

  • If eDirectory is installed on the same server as iManager, do not uninstall NICI. eDirectory requires NICI to run.

  • When uninstalling iManager, the program asks whether you want to remove all iManager files. If you select Yes, the program removes the files, including all custom content. However, the program does not remove 2.7 RBS objects from the eDirectory tree, and the schema remains in the same state.

28.8.2 Uninstalling iManager Workstation

To uninstall iManager Workstation, delete the directory where you extracted the files.