29.4 Troubleshooting SSPR Page Request Error

The following table lists the issues you might encounter and the suggested actions for working on these issues. If the problem persists, contact your NetIQ representative.


Suggested Actions

SSPR Reports Out of Order Page Request Error

This issue occurs when you click the Back button while in an SSPR page. SSPR displays an incorrect sequence message in the SSPR error log similar to the following:

ERROR, password.pwm.servlet.TopServlet, 5035 ERROR_INCORRECT_REQUEST_SEQUENCE (expectedPageID=3, submittedPageID=4, url=<some sspr url>

Disable the Back button detection from SSPR Configuration Manager > Settings > Security > Web Security.

NOTE:Changing this setting has no effect on end users.

For general issues encountered during authentication or logging in to the identity applications, see the NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to the Identity Applications.