29.3 Troubleshooting Login

The following table lists the issues you might encounter and the suggested actions for working on these issues. If the problem persists, contact your NetIQ representative.


Suggested Actions

When Identity Applications and Identity Reporting are installed on the same server and you perform configuration changes using the configuration update utility located at <reporting install folder>\bin directory, the Identity Manager Dashboard fails to launch. The following error is reported in catalina.out log file for Tomcat:

EboPortalBootServlet [RBPM]
+++++WARNING!!!!: This portal application
context, IDMProv, does not match the
portal.context property set in the
PortalService-conf/config.xml file. Only one
portal per database is allowed. Data has been
loaded using the previous portal context. To
correct this you must revert back to the
previous portal name of, NoCacheFilter,
please consult the documentation.

For any configuration changes, use the configuration update utility located at C:\NetIQ\idm\apps\UserApplication directory.

User is unable to login in large scale environment (>2 million objects)

Add an index for mail (Internet Mail Address) attribute with the rule set as Value in both eDirectory master and replica servers.

When you sign out from Identity Applications page, SSPR shows an error 5053 ERROR_APP_UNAVALIABLE.

Ignore this error. It does not cause any functionality loss.