31.2 Configuring NetIQ Identity Manager on eDirectory Cluster

This section assumes that you have already set up an eDirectory cluster.

Use the following procedure to configure Identity Manager in an eDirectory cluster environment.

  1. In Cluster Manager, set the eDirectory clustered roles priority to No Auto Start on the primary node.

  2. Stop the secondary node.

  3. Install Identity Manager engine on the primary node by selecting the Metadirectory Server option in the Identity Manager installation wizard.

    IMPORTANT:Ensure that you are installing Identity Manager engine on a local storage.

  4. Identity Manager installation wizard stops the eDirectory cluster role during installation. When this role is stopped, the status of this role may appear as failed. After installation, start the eDirectory cluster role from Cluster Manager.

  5. Set the required priority for the eDirectory clustered role and make the secondary node active.

  6. Install the Identity Manager engine on a secondary node using the DCLUSTER_INSTALL command.

    For example, idm_install.exe -DCLUSTER_INSTALL="true"