19.3 Installing an Audit Client for Analyzer

Analyzer includes an XDAS library that automatically generates audit events from the Data Browser editor when you send data updates back to the application. For more information about using the Data Browser editor to update data in the source application, see Modifying Data in the NetIQ Analyzer for Identity Manager Administration Guide.

To view these audit events, install an XDAS client that can receive the audit events from Analyzer. More information about XDAS is available at the OpenXDAS Project.

Analyzer includes a Windows XDAS client as part of its download package. However, the installation program for Analyzer does not install the XDAS client.

  1. Install Analyzer.

  2. Navigate to the OpenXDAS installation files, located by default in the \products\Analyzer\openxdas\Operating_system directory of the .iso image file.

  3. Launch the installation program (.msi file) for the XDAS client:

  4. Follow the prompts to install the XDAS client.

  5. After the installation process completes, launch the XDAS client to automatically receive and display audit events from Analyzer.