20.3 Creating a Driver

To create drivers, use the package management feature provided in Designer. For each Identity Manager driver you plan to use, create a driver object and import a driver configuration. The driver object contains configuration parameters and policies for that driver. As part of creating a driver object, install the driver packages and then modify the driver configuration to suit your environment.

The driver packages contain a default set of policies. These policies are intended to give you a good start as you implement your data sharing model. Most of the time, you will set up a driver using the shipping default configuration, and then modify the driver configuration according to the requirements of your environment. After you create and configure the driver, deploy it to the Identity Vault and start it. In general, the driver creation process involves the following actions:

  1. Importing the Driver Packages

  2. Installing the Driver Packages

  3. Configuring the Driver Object

  4. Deploying the Driver Object

  5. Starting the Driver Object

For additional and driver-specific information, refer to the relevant driver implementation guide from the Identity Manager Drivers Web site.