32.5 Configuring the User Application Driver for Clustering

In a clustered environment, you can use a single User Application driver with multiple instances of the User Application. The driver stores various kinds of information (such as workflow configuration and cluster information) that is application-specific. You must configure the driver to use the host name or IP address of the dispatcher or load balancer for the cluster.

  1. Log in to the instance of iManager that manages your Identity Vault.

  2. In the navigation frame, select Identity Manager.

  3. Select Identity Manager Overview.

  4. Use the search page to display the Identity Manager Overview for the driver set that contains your User Application driver.

  5. Click the round status indicator in the upper right corner of the driver icon:

  6. Select Edit Properties.

  7. For Driver Parameters, change Host to the host name or IP address of the Load balancer.

  8. Click OK.