31.3 Clustering Remote Loader

  1. Install the Remote Loader on the primary and secondary cluster nodes.

    NOTE:For both primary and secondary node, ensure that Remote Loader is installed on the same shared storage path.

  2. (Conditional) If you are using secured communications with the Remote Loader, store all the SSL certificates in a shared storage.

  3. Before creating the Remote Loader cluster role, open the Remote Loader console and select Remote Loader as a Windows Service.

  4. In Cluster Manager > Roles, create a new Remote Loader cluster role.

    Specify the following information for the role:

    Role Type: Generic Service

    Select Service: Remote Loader instance registered as a Windows service.

    Name: Cluster Role Name

    Address: Unique IP address

    Select Storage: Shared Cluster Storage

    Replicate Registry Settings:


    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\DirXML Remote Loader\Command port 8000

      Specify the registry path for the Remote Loader instance which you want to cluster.



      • By default, each cluster role accepts only one Windows service. Therefore, specify a command port and a corresponding registry path unique to each Remote Loader instance.

      • Active Directory driver’s password filter is not supported on a Windows cluster.