15.5 Configuring OSP and SSPR for Clustering

Identity Manager supports SSPR configuration in a Tomcat cluster environment.

15.5.1 Configuring SSPR to Support Clustering

To update the SSPR information in the first node of the cluster, launch the Configuration utility from /opt/netiq/idm/apps/configupdate/configupdate.sh.

In the window that opens, click SSO clients > Self Service Password Reset and enter values for Client ID, Password, and OSP Auth redirect URL parameters.

15.5.2 Configuring Tasks on Cluster nodes

Perform the following configuration tasks on the cluster nodes:

  1. To update the Forgotten Password link with the SSPR IP address, log in to the User Application on the first node and click Administration > Forgot Password.

    For more information on SSPR configuration, see Configuring Forgotten Password Management.

  2. To change the Change my password link, see Updating SSPR Links in the Dashboard for a Distributed or Clustered Environment.

  3. Verify that the Forgot Password link and Change my password links are updated with the SSPR IP address on the other nodes in the cluster.

    NOTE:If the Change Password and Forgot Password links are already updated with the SSPR IP address, no changes are required.

  4. On first node, follow steps 6 to 12 of the Installation Procedure.