15.1 Prerequisites

You can install the database for the identity applications in an environment supported by Tomcat clusters with the following considerations:

  • The cluster must have a unique cluster partition name, multicast address, and multicast port. Using unique identifiers separates multiple clusters to prevent performance problems and anomalous behavior.

    • For each member of the cluster, you must specify the same port number for the listener port of the identity applications database.

    • For each member of the cluster, you must specify the same hostname or IP address of the server hosting the identity applications database.

  • Clock time is synchronized among the servers in the cluster. Otherwise, sessions might time out early, causing HTTP session failover not to work properly.

  • NetIQ recommends to not use multiple log ins across browser tabs or browser sessions on the same host. Some browsers share cookies across tabs and processes, so allowing multiple logins might cause problems with HTTP session failover (in addition to risking unexpected authentication functionality if multiple users share a computer).

  • The cluster nodes reside in the same subnet.

  • A failover proxy or a load balancing solution is installed on a separate computer.