3.2 Performing a Silent Installation

  1. Download the Identity_Manager_4.7_Linux.iso from the NetIQ Downloads website.

  2. Mount the downloaded.iso.

  3. From the root directory of the .iso, run the following command:


  4. Enter y to confirm the creation of the file.

  5. To install JRE, enter y.

  6. To upgrade the existing Identity Manager components, enter y.

  7. Decide if you want to configure the components in a typical or custom mode.

  8. From the list of components available for installation, select the required components:

    • To install Engine, select Identity Manager Engine.

    • To install Remote Loader, select Identity Manager Remote Loader.

    • To install Fanout Agent, select Identity Manager Fanout Agent.

    • To install iManager, select iManager Web Administration.

    • To install Identity Applications, select Identity Applications.

    • To install Identity Reporting, select Identity Reporting.

    For information about the configuration parameters, see Understanding the Configuration Parameters.

  9. Run the following command to perform a silent installation:

    ./install.sh -s -f <location of the silent properties file>

    For example,

    ./install.sh -s -f /home/silent.properties, where /home/silent.properties is the location where you stored the silent properties file.