5.10 Completing a Non-root Installation

When you install the Identity Manager engine and plug-ins as a non-root user, the process perform all intended installation activities. This section guides you through the manual process required to complete the installation.

5.10.1 Creating a Container for Password Policies

Identity Manager requires password policy objects in the Identity Vault. However, the non-root installation process does not create a container for password policies.

  1. Log in to the Identity Manager tree in iManager.

  2. Navigate to the security container in the Identity Vault.

  3. Create a container for password policies.

5.10.2 Adding Support for Graphics in Email Notifications

If you install the Identity Vault and the Identity Manager engine as a non-root user, email notifications might fail to include the graphics or images provided in the email template. For example, when running the do-send-email-from-template action, Identity Manager sends the email but the included images are blank. You must update the driverset to ensure graphic support.

  1. Log into your project in Designer.

  2. In the Outline pane, expand Identity Vault.

  3. Right-click Driver Set.

  4. Select Properties > Java.

  5. For JVM options, enter the following content:


    For example:

  6. Click OK.

  7. Deploy the changes to the driverset:

    1. Right-click Driver Set.

    2. Select Live > Deploy.

    3. Select Deploy.

  8. Restart the Identity Vault.