1.5 Installing Identity Manager on SLES 12 SP2 or Later Servers

  • Ensure that the unzip and bc RPMs are installed before installing Identity Manager.

  • Ensure that the following RPMs are installed before installing Identity Manager using a guided installation (applies for Designer and Analyzer).

    • libXtst6-32bit-1.2.1-4.4.1.x86_64

    • libXrender1-32bit

    • libXi6-32bit

  • (Conditional) This applies when you are installing the Identity Manager components in a SLES 12 SP3 environment. Ensure that the glibc-32bit-*x86_64.rpm is installed, where * denotes the latest version of the RPM.

NOTE:NetIQ recommends you to obtain the dependent packages from your operating system subscription service to ensure continued support from your operating system vendor. If you do not have a subscription service, you can find the recent packages from a website such as http://rpmfind.net/linux.