3.1 Performing an Interactive Installation

  1. Download the Identity_Manager_4.7_Linux.iso from the NetIQ Downloads website.

  2. Mount the downloaded.iso.

  3. From the root directory of the .iso file, run the following command:


  4. Read through the license agreement.

  5. Enter y to accept the license agreement.

  6. Decide the Identity Manager server edition you want to install. Enter y for Advanced Edition and n for Standard Edition.

  7. From the list of components available for installation, select the required components:

    • To install Engine, select Identity Manager Engine.

    • To install Remote Loader, select Identity Manager Remote Loader.

    • To install Fanout Agent, select Identity Manager Fanout Agent.

    • To install iManager, select iManager Web Administration.

    • To install Identity Applications, select Identity Applications.

    • To install Identity Reporting, select Identity Reporting.

  8. (Conditional) Configure the installed components. For more information, see Section 4.0, Configuring the Identity Manager Components.