1.15 Setting Up a Local Repository to Download Report Definitions

You can setup your local http server as a local repository to store the required report definitions and then configure the repository with Identity Reporting. The advantage of using a local repository is that you can directly download the report definitions without connecting to the Internet.

  1. In the local http server, copy the content of the required reporting definitions.

    For example, copy the content from https://nu.novell.com/designer/idmrpt600/ to https://<local-server-IP-address:Port>/IDM_Reports/idmrpt600.

  2. Stop the Identity Reporting server.

  3. Modify the com.netiq.rpt.download.server.url property in the ism-configuration.properties file to look similar to the following:


    By default, ism-configuration.properties file is located at

  4. Start the Identity Reporting server.

  5. Log in to Identity Reporting and download the configured report definitions to verify the changes.