2.7 Adding Views for a Data Sync Policy

Perform the following actions to manually add views to generate reports.

  1. Download the IDM_4.7.0.0_Downloads.zip file from https://nu.novell.com/designer/idmrpt600.

  2. Unzip the IDM_4.7.0.0_Downloads.zip file.

  3. Browse to the directory with the report name and unzip it.

    Example: <ReportName>.zip

  4. Copy the SQL file to the server running the reporting database.

    1. Open the database administration tool, such as pgadmin or sqldeveloper with administrator credentials.

    2. Establish a connection to the server running the reporting database.

    3. Open a new SQL Editor window.

    4. Paste the SQL file content that you copied in Step 4 in the SQL Editor window.

    5. Run the SQL query.

    This will list the views under idm_rpt_data

  5. To start Data Collection Services for these views:

    1. Log in to Identity Manager Data Collection Services.

    2. Goto Identity Vaults.

    3. In Manage System Gateway Driver, set Collection State to Active.

    4. Click Save.

  6. Login to Identity Reporting and run the reports.