3.17 Local Variable Selector

Policies use local variables and they have different scopes. A local variable is defined for a specific policy or it is defined for a driver. If a local variable scope is set to driver, then any policy in the driver can use this variable.

The Policy Builder contains a Local Variable Selector that allows you to select any local variables that have been defined for use in the selected policy.

The Local Variable Selector is accessed through the following actions, conditions, and tokens:

The Local Variable Selector displays the following tabs:

Figure 3-10 Local Variable Selector

Policy Scope: Lists any local variables with a scope of policy.

Driver Scope: Lists any local variables with a scope of driver.

Error Variables: Lists local variables that are set if an error is encountered during the execution of the policy that contains the following actions:

Identity Manager allows you to view the content of the error variables and take appropriate actions.