8.0 Understanding Licensing and Activation

Identity Manager comprises of a broad spectrum of functionality. In order to meet different customer needs, Identity Manager functionality is delivered in Advanced and Standard Editions. Identity Manager includes the complete set of functionality in Advanced Edition. Standard Edition includes a subset of the features provided in Advanced Edition. For a comparison of features available in Advanced and Standard Editions, see Identity Manager Version Comparison. NetIQ provides different licensing models for each edition.

NetIQ delivers both editions in a single ISO file to improve its delivery of new features, patches, documentation, and support, while allowing customers to select the solution capabilities that best match their needs.

You can install an evaluation copy of Identity Manager and use it for 90 days free of charge. However, you must activate the Identity Manager components within 90 days of installation, or they will stop functioning. You can purchase a product license and activate Identity Manager either during the evaluation period of 90 days or later. For more information, Activating Identity Manager.

Depending on which edition you purchase, NetIQ will provide you with the appropriate license keys to enable the right functionality within Identity Manager. To purchase an Identity Manager productlicense, see the NetIQ Identity Manager How to Buy website. After you purchase a product license, NetIQ sends you a Customer ID. The email also contains a URL to the NetIQ website where you can obtain a Product Activation credential. If you do not remember your Customer ID or do not receive it, contact your sales representative.