14.0 Managing Teams

A team consists two types of users such as:


Performs permission requests on behalf of other team members (the recipients). Depending on how the team is configured, a requester can act on an individual provisioning request, one or more categories of requests, or all requests.

Also manages the proxy assignments for team members.


Member of the team on whose behalf requesters can act.

Team recipients can be users or groups within the directory. Alternatively, they can be derived through directory relationships. For example, the list of members could be derived by the manager-employee relationship within the organization. In this case, the team recipients would be all users that report to the team manager.

NOTE:The Provisioning Administrator can configure the directory abstraction layer to support cascading relationships so that multiple levels within an organization can be included within a team. The number of levels to include is configurable by the administrator.

To perform any of the following activities, go to People > Teams: