6.1 Managing Requests for Approval or Denial

In some organizations, a group of people might be responsible for reviewing, approving, and denying requests for access. When this occurs, each member of the group receives the same requests. For example, the IT Services team might be responsible for all requests for telecommunications and computing equipment. When a new employee requests a cellphone, the request gets assigned to all members of the IT Services team. Anyone on the team can complete the request.

You can perform any of the following tasks on the request:

Claim Request

You can claim responsibility for a request and act on the required task immediately or later. Regardless of when you act on the task, other members of your group can no longer see that request in their Tasks.

Release Request

If you do not want to act on the request that you have claimed, you can release that request.

Reassign Request

A task that is assigned to you can be reassigned to other user in the organization. The following considerations apply to reassigning tasks:

  • If you are unable to complete the task, you can reassign it to your manager.

  • If you have not acted on the task in the specified time frame, the following actions can occur:

    • An administrator can reassign the task to another user. An administrator has a permission to reassign a task to any user in the organization.

    • Team Manager can reassign the task to another member in the team. Ensure that team manager is enabled with Manage Addressee Task permission at the time of team creation.

      This applies only when Members option is used to add members to the team at the time of team creation. For more information, see Create a Team

      NOTE:If you use All Users or Relationship option to create a team, the team manager cannot reassign the tasks to another member in the team.

    • The Helpdesk user can reassign the task to your manager upto the hierarchy level defined in the Settings page. Administrator configures the manager hierarchy.

If a task is reassigned to you and you are unable to take it, you can return the task to the user who assigned the task to you.

Return Request

If you do not want to act on a request that is reassigned to you, you can return that request. The identity applications automatically assigns the returned task back to the actual approver.

NOTE:Only a reassigned request can be returned.

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