3.6 Working with Configuration Settings

The Configuration node allows you to set general configuration properties for the User Application.

Table 3-5 Configuration Settings



Default ‘My Profile’ Entity

Defines the entity to display when the user clicks My Profile in the user interface.

This field is restricted to show only entities whose object class is user (or LDAP inetOrgPerson).

Default LDAP Naming Attribute

Defines the default LDAP naming attribute if the entity’s Create Naming Attribute is not defined.

Default Management Attributes

The attributes used to look up members. In the User Application, the user is able to search for members by clicking the search icon. The search displays the attributes specified.

These settings only affect the lookups performed by Managers. The User Application administrator sees only First Name and Last Name.

Container Classes

This provides the Create User or Group action with the contents of a selection list of container classes. The user selects a container from the selection list as the location for the newly created object.