7.18 Entitlement Activity

The Entitlement activity grants or revokes an entitlement for a user or other entity type.

A workflow must have at least one Entitlement or Entity activity.

7.18.1 Properties

The Entitlement activity has the following properties:

Table 7-33 Entitlement Activity Properties

Property Name


Activity Id

Specify a unique string value that identifies the activity. Activity Ids are written to the user application’s log file. Specifying a meaningful Activity Id makes it easier to understand the data written to the logs. You can specify letters, numbers, and the underscore (_) character.

If you do not specify a value, the Activity Id defaults to ActivityNN where the NN represents the order in which the activity was added to the workflow.


Provides a name for the activity.

Set Workflow Status

Specifies the approval status of the provisioning request. Set to True for approved; otherwise, set to False. This method of setting workflow status overrides other methods (for example, the Set Default Completion Status to Approved parameter (see Table 4-3, Overview Properties) or the Approval Status activity (see Workflow Status).

7.18.2 Data Item Mapping

To bind the data items associated with the Entitlement activity, you define mappings for several DirXML® attributes.

Table 7-34 Entitlement Activity Data Item Mappings



Source Expression

Specifies a source expression for a DirXML mapping. When you click a cell in the Source Expression column, the ECMA Expression Builder displays to help you define your expression.

The DirXML mappings for the Entitlement are described below:

  • dn is the distinguished name for the recipient of the entitlement.

  • DirXML-Entitlement-DN is the distinguished name of the entitlement to execute. For example, the entitlement might be identified as follows:


    You can use the ECMA Expression Builder’s ECMAScript Variable panel to see a list of all the entitlements in the driver. To select an entitlement, double-click the full distinguished name of the entitlement.

  • DirXML-Entitlement-Action indicates whether the entitlement is granted or revoked. If the operation grants the entitlement, the value must be 1; if it revokes the entitlement, the value must be 0.

  • DirXML-Entitlement-Parameter specifies a parameter required by the entitlement driver. For example, if the entitlement operation grants access to the Sales group, the parameter might specify the group as follows:

  • DirXML-Entitlement-MultiValueAllowed indicates whether the entitlement supports multiple values. If it supports multiple values, the value must be True; otherwise, it must be False.

For details on building ECMA expressions, see Section 9.0, Working with ECMA Expressions.

7.18.3 Email Notification

Not supported with this activity.