1.4 About the ECMA Expression Builder

Designer incorporates an ECMAScript interpreter and expression editor, which allows you create script expressions that refer to and modify workflow data. For example, you can use scripting to:

  • Create new data items needed in a workflow under the flowdata element.

  • Perform basic string, date, math, relational, concatenation, and logical operations on data.

  • Call standard or custom Java classes for more sophisticated data operations.

  • Use expressions for runtime control to:

    • Modify or override form field labels.

    • Initialize form field data.

    • Customize email addresses and content.

    • Set entitlement grant/revoke rights and parameters.

    • Evaluate any past activity data to conditionally follow a workflow path by using the Condition Activity.

    • Write different log messages that are conditionally triggered by using a single Log Activity.