1.7 Documenting a Project

Designer provides a document generator that helps you quickly generate customized documentation for your Designer projects. You can define your own document style, but Designer ships with a default provisioning style. The default provisioning style includes sections for the User Application.

1.7.1 Provisioning Locales

Lists the supported locales and default locales along with the provisioning resource groups.

1.7.2 Directory Abstraction Layer

Includes the following sections:

  • Entities: Including access properties, auxiliary classes, and LDAP classes.

  • Lists: Including key and display label.

  • Queries: Including the query’s keys, parameters, and conditions.

  • Relationships: Including key, parent key, parent attribute, child key, and child attribute.

  • Configuration: Including default entity key, default locale, and container classes.

1.7.3 Provisioning Request Definitions


  • A table containing the definition’s category, status, and email notification.

  • An image of the workflow’s structure.

  • A section for each activity with a table that lists the data mappings for the activity or the expression (if supported by the activity type).

  • A section for each form.

1.7.4 Provisioning Teams


  • Display name

  • The team members

  • The request type and scope

  • The manager’s permissions

1.7.5 Role Catalog

Includes the following section:

  • Roles: Including display name, description, role level, categories, and approval details.

  • Separation of Duties Constraints: Including display name, description, conflicting roles, approval type, and approvers.

  • Role Configuration: Including role removal grace period, role level display names and descriptions, approval types, and approval definitions.