1.1 About the Provisioning View

In the User Application, the Provisioning view provides persistent access to Designer’s provisioning, roles, and compliance features. Use the Provisioning view to perform the following actions on provisioning and roles objects:

  • Access the editors that allow you to create and manipulate User Application components, such as:

    • The directory abstraction layer editor

    • The provisioning request definitions editor

    • The teams editor

    • The role catalog

    Double-clicking an item from the Provisioning view opens the editor for that item.

  • Manipulate object definitions, such as:

    • Importing and exporting object definitions from the Identity Vault or the local file system

    • Validating local object definitions

    • Deploying object definitions to the Identity Vault

    • Comparing the objects on the local file system with those in the Identity Vault

  • Define the User Application driver’s supported and default locales, including:

    • Importing and exporting display labels and other User Application strings for localization

    • Defining custom localization resource groups (used only for field localization)