16.0 Creating and Managing Delegations

In some organizations, you might be allowed to delegate your tasks to other team members. This feature allows you to delegate your tasks to multiple users based on the selected Provisioning Request Definitions (PRD).

A delegate user is a user to whom one or more specific tasks appropriate to that user’s rights can be delegated so that the delegate can work on those specific tasks on behalf of someone else.

To view delegations, go to People > Delegation. All users in the organization can see their delegation assignments.

To create or modify delegation, you must have one of the following roles:

  • Provisioning Administrator

  • Provisioning Manager

  • Team Manager

The Provisioning Administrator and Provisioning Manager have the ability to define delegate assignments for any user in the organization.

The team manager can define delegation assignments for self or for the team members. Make sure that Configure Delegate and Configure Availability permissions are granted to the team manager for the requested team to create delegation:

Go to People > Teams and edit the team permissions to enable delegation feature.

Figure 16-1 Add Permissions to the Teams to Create Delegation

NOTE:If team manager wants to create a delegation for self, ensure Include the selected requesters in the recipients list is selected.

To modify the default delegation settings, see Section 19.0, Configuring Identity Applications Default Settings.

For more information about delegations, click on the Dashboard.