43.3 Troubleshooting Self Service Password Reset Issues

43.3.1 No Redirection to Challenge-Response Page When SSPR is Installed in a Distributed Environment That Supports http and https Communication

Issue: If identity applications or OSP use HTTPS communication and SSPR running on separate computer uses a non-SSL (HTTP) communication, SSPR does not display the challenge-response page. This occurs because the browser blocks the mixed-content access.

Workaround: Enable the mixed-content access option in your browser.

43.3.2 Unable to Unlock Account through SSPR

Issue: This issue occurs if NMAS or eDirectory Challenge Responses are stored only in eDirectory and not in SSPR.

Workaround: Force the users to setup the challenge questions in SSPR as follows:

  1. Go to SSPR Configuration Editor.

  2. Click Modules > Enabled > Authenticated > Setup Security Questions > Force Response.

43.3.3 SSPR Reports Error 5027 When Attempting to Access Configuration Manager through Internet Explorer

Issue: In a new installation or upgraded setup of Self Service Password Reset 4.x, when you successfully log in to the SSPR portal, accessing the Configuration Manager or Configuration Editor displays the following error:

2016-11-01T15:54:00Z, ERROR, http.PwmResponse, {21,uaadmin} 5027 ERROR_UNAUTHORIZED (Internet Explorer version is not supported for this function. Please use Internet Explorer 11 or higher or another web browser.) []

Workaround: Disable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer for the domain that hosts your SSPR web application.

43.3.4 SSPR Reports Out of Order Page Request Error

Issue: This issue occurs when you click the Back button from the SSPR page. SSPR displays an incorrect sequence message in the SSPR error log similar to the following:

ERROR, password.pwm.servlet.TopServlet, 5035 ERROR_INCORRECT_REQUEST_SEQUENCE (expectedPageID=3, submittedPageID=4, url=<some sspr url>

Workaround: Disable the Back button detection from SSPR Configuration Manager > Settings > Security > Web Security.

NOTE:Changing this setting has no effect on end users.

43.3.5 Pressing Enter Button in SSPR’s People Search Displays Locale Screen on Internet Explorer

Issue: If you press Enter in People Search on Internet Explorer 11 browser, the Locale screen appears.

This issue is not reported on other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Workaround: Perform one of the following actions:

  • The search bar searches as you type. Therefore, you do not require to press Enter to search.

  • Use a different browser.

  • Close the locale prompt.