17.2 Prerequisites

Before using CPRS, review the following considerations:

  • Identity Manager 4.7

  • Identity Manager drivers are updated to the latest driver package.

  • Identity Manager drivers enabled with entitlements are up and running.

  • MDAD driver allows permission reconciliation for every logical system. You must enable your logical system in Designer or iManager. To enable a logical system in iManager:

    1. Log in to iManager as an administrator.

    2. Right click the MDAD driver and navigate to Edit Properties > Global Configuration Values > Entitlement.

    3. Set Add Logical System information to Entitlement Values to Yes for the entitlement for which you want to use CPRS.

      WARNING:This setting (Yes) invalidates all the existing resources for the entitlement. This results in loss of all existing resources for the entitlement. Therefore, you need to recreate resources and publish the assignments. For more information, see Managing Permissions for a MDAD Driver.