43.2 Troubleshooting E-Mail Based Approval Issues

43.2.1 Empty E-Mail Based Approval Token in the Provisioning Request Mail

This can occur if E-Mail Based Approval is not enabled. For example, the feature is accidentally disabled while using the new e-mail templates in PRDs.

Check the configuration in the Identity Manager Dashboard and enable the feature.

43.2.2 User Application is Not Acting on E-Mails

Check whether the incoming mailbox is connected and reachable from the server where it is deployed. For more information, refer to the catalina.out logs.

43.2.3 Approve or Deny Link in E-Mail is Not Working

This can occur in the following cases:

  • The e-mail client is not configured.

  • Default application is not selected to send e-mails.

43.2.4 Approve/Deny links Missing from E-Mail after configuring E-Mail Based Approval

This occurs if the e-mail templates are not properly configured on the workflows.

43.2.5 Verifying if E-Mail Based Approval Starts Properly

If you are enabling the feature from the new Dashboard, a success message appears indicating that the feature has started properly without errors. Messages similar to the following are logged in the catalina.out file:

INFO com.novell.soa.notification.impl.EmailReceiverEngine- [RBPM] Successfully started persistent JMS notification system for email based approval EmailReceiver Notification Thread] 
INFO com.novell.soa.notification.impl.EmailReceiverThread- [RBPM] Starting asynchronous notification system
INFO com.novell.soa.notification.impl.EmailReceiverEngine- [RBPM] Mailbox service for incoming mail started successfully without any warning
INFO com.novell.soa.notification.impl.EmailReceiverEngine- [RBPM] Email based approval token cleanup service started successfully.

In case the feature is accidentally turned off, check the configuration in the Identity Manager Dashboard. You can also refer to the log for detailed information for each component of this feature such as JMS, incoming mail box connection, and cleanup service.

43.2.6 When is Server Restart Needed

On a cluster setup, if you made changes to the incoming mailbox properties or turned off E-Mail Based Approval, you may require to restart the cluster nodes other than the active node.

If you are continuously getting errors while trying to connect to the mailbox and the issue persists for hours, verify the connectivity between the mailbox and the host.

43.2.7 E-Mail Based Approval Token is Empty in the Provisioning Request E-Mail

E-Mail Based Approval is accidentally disabled while using the new e-mail templates in PRDs.