41.8 Updating the SSL Settings for Self Service Password Reset

To modify the SSL settings for SSPR, you must be logged in to the application.

  1. In a browser, enter the https URL that you specified in the Configuration utility for the Landing page. For example, https://myserver.host:8543/sspr.

  2. Log in using administrator credentials.

  3. Click on user on the top-right corner and then click Configuration Editor.

  4. Specify the configuration password and click Sign In.

  5. Click Settings > Application > Application and ensure that all URLs use the HTTPS protocol and correct ports.

  6. Click Settings > Security > Web Security and ensure that the Redirect Whitelist uses HTTPS protocol and correct port.

  7. Click Settings > Single Sign On (SSO) Client > OAuth and ensure that all URLs use the HTTPS protocol and correct ports. Also, ensure that the correct certificate exists for the OAUTH Web Service Certificate. If the certificate is not correct, click Clear and then click Import from Server to import a new certificate.

  8. Click at the top-right corner.

Troubleshooting Tip

After updating the SSL settings for SSPR, if you are not able to access the SSPR landing page, perform the following actions to update the necessary URLs in the SSPRConfiguration.xml file.

  1. Navigate to the SSPRConfiguration.xml file:

  2. Update all the URLs with appropriate IP address and port numbers.

    https://<IP address>:<SSL Port number>