19.0 Improving Driver Performance Using Subscriber Service Channel

Identity Manager processes events in a sequential way. When an out of band query is issued, an Identity Manager driver starts processing the query after it finishes processing the current event. After the query is processed, the driver resumes normal operations. Some examples of out of band queries are code map refresh, data collection, and queries triggered from dxcmd. Processing out of band queries pauses the normal flow of events until the driver finishes processing the query that in turn impacts the driver’s performance. To improve the performance, Identity Manager provides the Subscriber Service channel for handling such queries. This channel separately processes these queries without interrupting the flow of other events.

The Subscriber Service channel does not process all the polices. The following policies are processed:

  • Command transformation

  • Schema mapping

Currently, the following drivers support this channel: Active Directory, Multi-Domain Active Directory, JDBC, and JDBC Fan-Out.

NOTE:Identity Manager drivers that do not support the Subscriber Service channel process out of band queries through the Subscriber channel.

To enable the Subscriber Service channel for a supported Identity Manager driver, see Configuring the Subscriber Service Channel.