7.2 Developing Custom Packages

Creating custom packages involves a different set of tasks than managing packages. You can create packages for Identity Vaults, driver sets, and drivers. You can develop custom packages by completing the following steps.

Before you start developing custom packages, NetIQ recommends that you also read Best Practices for Package Development.


See Section

  1. Configure default package preferences in your Designer environment.

Setting Default Package Preferences

  1. Create a development driver.

Creating a Development Driver

  1. Enable package development mode.

Enabling Package Development Mode

  1. Define the overall package structure.

Defining Custom Package Structure

  1. Create a custom base package.

Creating a Base Package

  1. Configure initial settings for the base package and sub-packages.

Configuring Initial Settings

  1. Add package prompts to the base package.

Working with Package Prompts

  1. Create common Identity Vault and driver set packages.

Creating Identity Vault and Driver Set Packages

  1. (Optional) Add libraries to Identity Vault and driver set packages.

Creating Libraries

  1. (Optional) Add GCVs to Identity Vault and driver set packages.

Adding GCV Resource Objects

  1. (Optional) Add notification templates to Identity Vault and driver set packages.

Adding Notification Templates

  1. Create custom feature packages.

Creating Feature Packages

  1. Configure mandatory and optional feature packages.

Configuring Mandatory and Optional Feature Packages

  1. (Optional) Add GCV resources to feature packages.

Adding GCVs to Feature Packages

  1. (Optional) Add package prompt resources to feature packages.

Adding Prompt Resources

  1. (Optional) Add policies to feature packages.

Adding Policies

  1. (Optional) Add filter extensions to feature packages.

Adding Filter Extensions

  1. (Optional) Copy an existing package, if necessary.

Copying Packages

  1. Build and test your custom packages.

Building Packages

  1. If previous versions of your packages exist, update the version.

Versioning Packages

  1. (Optional) Export strings and prompts from your packages and send for localization.

Localizing Packages

  1. (Optional) Release and publish your custom packages for other users to download and install.

Releasing and Publishing Packages