19.5 Validation

The Validation setting is an Eclipse setting that allows you to validate your project. For more details, see the Eclipse documentation.

Table 19-54 Preferences: Validation



Allow projects to override these preference settings

Allows your project to override these preferences settings.

Suspend all validators

Allows you to suspend all validation actions that are performed on your project.

Save all modified resources automatically prior to validating

Saves any modified resource prior to running a validation. This option is not selected by default.

Show a confirmation dialog when performing manual validations

Allows you to display a confirmation dialog when performing a manual validation.

Selecting validators

The following validators run when a validation is performed. By default all validators are selected.

  • DTD Validator

  • HTML Syntax Validator

  • MoudleCoreValidator

  • XML Validator

Restore Defaults

Restores all of the settings back to the default values.