1.0 Understanding the Office 365 Driver

Identity Manager 4.0 and later offers automatic provisioning and synchronization of users to cloud applications. The Office 365 driver for NetIQ Identity Manager seamlessly provisions and deprovisions users, group memberships, roles, and licenses to the Microsoft Online Services cloud application and keeps user identity information consistent across both the Identity Vault and Office 365.

IMPORTANT:This release does not support the Identity Manager Driver for Office 365. NetIQ recommends you to use the Identity Manager Driver for Azure Active Directory and provides a method to transition to the Azure Active Directory driver. For more information on transitioning from Office 365 driver to Azure driver, see the Transitioning from Existing Office 365 Driver to New Azure AD Driver.

Office 365 includes the hosted versions of Microsoft’s Server products. The driver provisions users to the following Microsoft Online Services:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

  • Microsoft Lync Online

  • Office Professional Plus

  • Office WebApps

NOTE:The Office 365 driver supports secure password synchronization between the Identity Vault and the Office 365 on the Subscriber channel only. The driver uses several protocols to enable identity provisioning and data synchronization between the Identity Vault and Office 365.