6.0 Securing Communication

The Office 365 driver uses the Microsoft Online Services module for Windows Powershell to communicate with Office 365. The Powershell modules use the HTTPS protocol to communicate with Office 365. The connecting user is securely authenticated to Office 365 using the Select Windows Security Groups setting defined on the Office 365 cloud. A security certificate is used by the Microsoft Online Services cmdlets to identify the Office 365 service.

SSL is used for default communication between the .NET Remote Loader and the Identity Manager engine.

NOTE:When you enable SSL between Engine and .NET Remote Loader, you must manually accept the server certificate to establish the connection.

You can store the Publisher change cache in an embedded database provided by the .NET Framework. If this option is not viable, you can encrypt the change cache XML and store it in the DIB directory.

You can encrypt the change cache. The driver stores the Publisher cache in the SQL database supported by the .NET framework. To encrypt the change cache, set the database password on the Driver Parameters. For more information, see Driver Parameters.