1.1 Key Features

The Office 365 driver supports the following features:

  • Supports provisioning users, group membership, roles, and licenses from the Identity Vault. Microsoft Active Directory is not mandatory for provisioning Office 365 users. Also, Active Directory Federation Service is not required.

  • Supports provisioning of MsolUsers and Exchange Online Mailboxes.

  • Creates and manages MsolGroups, Exchange Distribution Lists, and Mail-enabled security groups.

  • Creates user accounts based on policies and entitlements.

  • Creates and assigns custom licenses to enable or disable specific services of Office 365.

  • Provides additional support for provisioning Active Directory users to Office 365.

  • Provides support for executing PowerShell Cmdlets.

  • Provides support for Exchange Online Hybrid mode.

  • Synchronizes EmailAddresses and other Exchange Online attributes.

IMPORTANT:To synchronize identities, you can either select the default (Identity Vault) or Active Directory while configuring the Office 365 driver. If you choose to configure Identity Vault as the identity provider, association to any other directory is not required. With Active Directory, you can synchronize only users and groups that have an association.