NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for GroupWise Implementation Guide

  NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for GroupWise Implementation Guide
      Identity Manager GroupWise Driver
      Data Transfer Between Systems
      Key Features
      Checklist for Enabling User and Group Objects Synchronization
    Installing the Driver Files
      Installing the Driver Shim
    Creating a New Driver Object
      Creating the Driver Object in Designer
      Activating the Driver
    Upgrading an Existing Driver
      What’s New in Version
      Upgrading an Existing Driver to GroupWise Driver
    Customizing the Driver by Using Policies and Filters
      Default Driver Actions
      Modifying Default Settings in Policies and the Filter
      Modifying Policies
      Setting GroupWise Client Options with the Driver
      Client Options Quick Reference
    Securing Driver Communication
    Managing the Driver
    Troubleshooting the Driver
      Attributes 50045 And 50157 Have Changed from String to Structured Format
      Errors are Displayed After Modifying the External Entity Objects on the Upgraded Driver
      Passing the Value of the GroupWise PostOffice Default Sync Destination GCV in Slash Format
      Uninstalling the Driver on Windows Reports a Java Virtual Machine Error
      Issue with Encrypting the OU Attribute
      Passwords Not Synchronized
      Exception Reported When Running Groupwise Driver and Google Apps Driver on the Same Server
      Troubleshooting Driver Processes
    Driver Properties
      Driver Configuration
      Global Configuration Values
      GCVs Applicable for the Upgraded Driver
    Class and Attribute Descriptions
    Trace Levels
    Legal Notice