49.3 Configuring Identity Manager to Trust Access Manager

Identity Manager needs the URL of the SAML metadata to redirect users for authentication requests. By default, Access Manager uses the following URL for storing the SAML metadata:


where server:port represent the Access Manager Identity Server.

  1. (Optional) To view an .xml document for the SAML metadata, open the URL in a browser.

    If the URL does not produce the document, ensure that the link is correct.

  2. On the OSP server, run the RBPM Configuration utility. For more information, see Section 40.1, Running the Identity Applications Configuration Utility.

  3. In the utility, select Authentication.

  4. For Authentication Method, specify SAML 2.0.

  5. For Metadata URL, specify the URL that OSP uses to redirect the authentication request to SAML metadata of Access Manager.

    For example, https://server:port/nidp/saml2/metadata

  6. In the Authentication Server section, specify the DNS name of the server that hosts OSP in the Oauth server host identifier setting.

  7. Click OK to save the changes.

  8. Restart the Tomcat instance that hosts OSP.