25.2 Prerequisites for Installing Designer

This section provides the considerations and system requirements for installing Designer.

Before installing or upgrading Designer, review the following considerations:

  • To install Designer on a computer running an openSUSE 64-bit operating system, your environment must meet the following prerequisites:

    • Before installing Designer, you must install the 32-bit Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure (NICI) Package.

    • You must install all libraries from openSUSE.org, particularly bug-buddy, gtk2 (32-bit), and libgthread.

    • You must install the libgthread-2_0-0-32bit-2.17.2+2.17.3+20080708+r7171-3.1.x86_64.rpm compat library before installing Designer.

    • You must install the 32-bit version of the gtk2 RPM library, even if you install Designer on a computer running a 64-bit operating system.

  • Before installing Designer on a computer running a Linux operating system, you must install the GNU gettext utilities. These utilities provide a framework for internationalized and multilingual messages. For more information about language support, see Section 5.6, Understanding Language Support.

  • (Conditional) For a guided installation on a server running SLES 12 SP1 or later platforms, ensure that the server has libXtst6-32bit-1.2.1-4.4.1.x86_64, libXrender1-32bit, and libXi6-32bit libraries installed.

  • You cannot use Designer 2.1x workspaces for Designer 3.0 or later because older workspace versions are not compatible with more recent versions of Designer. Designer stores projects and configuration information in workspaces. For example, Designer 4.x workspaces are installed in the following directories by default:

    • Linux: $HOME/designer_workspace

    • Windows 10 and Windows 7: %UserProfile%\designer_workspace directory for

  • To upgrade Designer and you are running workflow provisioning and provisioning with roles, review the upgrade procedure in Section 59.5, Migrating the User Application Driver.