NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for Delimited Text Implementation Guide

  NetIQ Identity Manager Driver for Delimited Text Implementation Guide
    Understanding the Delimited Text Driver
      How the Delimited Text Driver Works
      Java Interfaces to the Driver
      Key Driver Features
    Installing Driver Files
    Creating a New Driver Object
      Preparing Data Locations
      Creating the Driver Object in Designer
      Activating the Driver Object
      Adding Packages to an Existing Driver
      Viewing Permission Collection and Reconciliation Service Configuration Objects
    Upgrading an Existing Driver
      Supported Upgrade Paths
      What’s New in Version
      Upgrading the Driver
    Setting Up One-Way Synchronization
    Configuring for XDS XML Files
      Using the Publisher Channel
      Using the Subscriber Channel
    Using Style Sheets to Configure Data Synchronization
    Using Java Interfaces to Customize File Processing
      Creating a Java Class
      Creating a Java .jar File
      Configuring the Driver to Use the New Class
    Managing the Driver
      Stop the driver before doing a bulk assignment or removal of resource assignments
    Driver Properties
      Driver Configuration
      Global Configuration Values
    Delimited Text Driver Extensions
      Using the ImageFile InputSource Extension
      Customizing ImageFile InputSource
      Using the ImageFile PostProcessor
      Customizing the ImageFile Extension
    Legal Notice