User’s Guide to Identity Intelligence

  User’s Guide to Identity Intelligence
    Welcome to Identity Intelligence
    Analyzing Identities and Access Rights
      Understanding the Data in Views and Profiles
        What is a View?
        What is a User Profile?
        What is an Access Rights Profile?
        What Kind of Data Will I Get?
      Analyzing Data in a View
        Explore the Visualization
        Manage Data in the Table
        Export the Table
        Change the View Configuration
      Exploring Access Right Profiles
        Search for an Access Right
        Who Has This Access Right
        Rights Granted by an Access Right
        Hierarchy of an Access Right
      Exploring User Profiles
        Search for a User
        View Details about a User
    Managing and Configuring Views
      Managing Your Views
      Understanding View Criteria
        Time Range
        Type of Data to View
        Include and Exclude Content
        Summarize Results in a Visualization
    Managing and Configuring Identity Intelligence
      Managing Permissions for Identity Intelligence
      Renewing License
    Legal Notice