1.0 Welcome to Identity Intelligence

Identity Intelligence provides interactive and reporting capabilities for identity governance data so you can perform the following types of activities:

  • Provide data in the form of visuals and reports to support audits of identity governance processes

  • Export data for analysis or reporting to management and other stakeholders, such as compliance officers and resource administrators

  • Look for possible issues or breaches in identity governance processes and protocols

  • Evaluate request and approval processes to determine their efficiency and adherence to enterprise standards, such as service level agreements (SLAs)

Depending on the data you want to analyze, you can create a View and explore the Profiles of users and access rights.

Using drivers and collectors, Identity Intelligence gathers data from data sources such as Micro Focus Identity Manager and Micro Focus Identity Governance, then sends the data to the Transformation Hub for processing and to Vertica for storage. The deployment of Identity Intelligence includes Transformation Hub and Vertica.

For information about deploying, configuring, and maintaining this product, see the Administrator Guide for Identity Intelligence on the Identity Intelligence documentation site.