4.2 Who Has This Access Right

Select Search Entities > Access Rights > [Access_Right_Name] > Users.

The Access Rights Profile lists all users or accounts who have the access right in the specified point in time. For each user in the list, the profile provides the following information:

Detected on

Represents the date when the data source (such as Identity Manager or Identity Governance) indicates that the user received the access right.

For example, Avanti Rana manually assigned the HGF_user role to Emma Belafonte in the Home Grown Financial application on May 18. Then Identity Manager collected that information on May 29. The Detected On date equals May 29.

Received from

Indicates whether the user received the access right by direct assignment or inherited the right from a parent access right.

Because the data in an Access Rights Profile might change over time, you can adjust the point in time to determine which accounts or users have the access right on the specified date.