Identity Intelligence 1.1 System Requirements

Micro Focus recommends the tested platforms listed below. However, customers running on any platforms not provided in this list or with untested configurations will be supported until the point Micro Focus determines that the root cause is the untested platform or configuration. Issues that can be reproduced on the tested platforms will be prioritized and fixed according to standard defect-handling policies.

For more information about support polices, see Support Policies.

For information about installation, see the Administrator Guide for Identity Intelligence.

Additional Documentation

The Identity Intelligence documentation library includes the following resources:

  • Administrator Guide to Identity Intelligence, which provides information about deploying, configuring, and maintaining this product

  • User Guide to Identity Intelligence, which is embedded in the product to provide both contextual Help and conceptual information

  • Release Notes for Identity Intelligence

For the most recent version of the system requirements and other Identity Intelligence documentation resources, visit the documentation for Identity Intelligence.

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