Identity Intelligence 1.1 Release Notes

January 2020

This release introduces Identity Intelligence 1.1.

We designed this product in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs.

The documentation for this product is available on the Documentation website in HTML and PDF formats. If you have suggestions for documentation improvements, click comment on this topic at the bottom of any page in the HTML version of the documentation posted at the Identity Intelligence Documentation page.

1.0 About Identity Intelligence

Identity Intelligence provides interactive and reporting capabilities for identity governance data so you can perform the following types of activities:

  • Provide data in the form of visuals and reports to support audits of identity governance processes

  • Export data for analysis or reporting to management and other stakeholders, such as compliance officers and resource administrators

  • Look for possible issues or breaches in identity governance processes and protocols

  • Evaluate request and approval processes to determine their efficiency and adherence to enterprise standards, such as service level agreements (SLAs)

Using drivers and collectors, Identity Intelligence gathers data from Micro Focus Identity Manager and Micro Focus Identity Governance, then pushes it to Transformation Hub for processing and to Vertica for storage. Identity Intelligence includes Transformation Hub and Vertica for your convenience.

Depending on the data that you want to analyze, you can create a View and explore the Profiles of users and access rights.

2.0 System Requirements

For information about the software and hardware requirements for your deployment and performance tuning guidelines, see Identity Intelligence 1.1 System Requirements in the Identity Intelligence Documentation site.

3.0 Downloading Identity Intelligence

Before you begin installing Identity Intelligence, you must download and unzip Identity Intelligence and all necessary product installation packages. The installation package also includes the respective signature file, for validating that the downloaded software is authentic and not tampered by a third party.

You can download the following installation packages:




  • installers

    • cdf-2019.05.00131

    • arcsight-vertica-installer_RC-3.0-3.tar.gz

  • suite_images

    • transformationhub-

    • idi-

    • analytics-

    • arcsight-installer-metadata-

  • Single-node installer scripts

Contains the files required for installing and deploying Identity Intelligence:

  • Contains the following installer files:

    • CDF installer and CDF core image

    • Vertica installer

  • Contains the following image files:

    • Transformation Hub image

    • Identity Intelligence image

    • Analytics image

    • ArcSight installer metadata

  • Single-node installer scripts

Identity Intelligence 1.1.0 (Bundle+) License.txt

Legal information about third party code contained in Identity Intelligence

Driver shim and packages for Identity Manager Driver for Entity Data Model


Configuration utility for Identity Governance

SmartConnector for Identity Intelligence

Includes the following:

  • SmartConnector for Syslog NG Daemon installation file

  • SmartConnector categorization file for Identity Manager

  • SmartConnector categorization file for Identity Governance



Installation file for ArcSight Management Center (ArcMC)

To download and verify the signature of the downloaded files:

  1. Log in to the computer where you want to install Identity Intelligence.

  2. Change to the directory where you want to download the installer files:

    cd <download_directory>

    For example:

    cd /opt

    NOTE:If you are planning to install Identity Intelligence by using scripts, use /opt as the download location.

  3. Download all the necessary product installer files from the Micro Focus Downloads website.

  4. To verify the signature of the downloaded files, enter the following command:

    Syntax: sha256sum <file_name>; cat <file_name>.sha256

    Example: sha256sum; cat identityintelligence-x.x.x.x.sha256

    The output from each set of compressed installation packages should match their corresponding SHA-256 signatures. If they do not match, download the files again and verify the signature. If the checksum does not match even with the new files, contact Micro Focus Customer Support.

  5. To unzip the downloaded files, enter the following commands:

    For tar file: tar xvfz <file_name>.tar.gz

    For zip file: unzip <file_name>.zip

4.0 Installing Identity Intelligence

Micro Focus provides several options for installing your Identity Intelligence environment. For more information, see the Administrator Guide for Identity Intelligence in the Identity Intelligence Documentation site.

5.0 Known Issues

Micro Focus strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

5.1 Approver Information is Missing in the Summary Panel for Workflow Processes from Identity Manager

Issue: Identity Intelligence does not display approver information in the Summary Panel for workflow processes from Identity Manager. (Bug 1159995)

Workaround: This issue is caused as the permission name is missing in 31524 Workflow Approved events in Identity Manager 4.8.0 (Bug 1160045). This issue will be fixed in Identity Manager 4.8.1. To get an immediate resolution to this issue, contact Micro Focus Customer Support.

5.2 Identity Intelligence Displays Modified Account Details as Blank

Issue: In the User Profile page, Identity Intelligence does not display the account details for the account for which User logon name is modified in the Active Directory. Blank space is displayed instead of the modified account details. (Bug 1158482)

Fix: This issue is caused by a bug in Identity Manager (Bug 1157343) and is fixed in Identity Manager Therefore, if you are using Identity Manager, ensure that you upgrade Identity Manager to version or later.

5.3 Cannot Log In to Identity Intelligence after You Log Out

Issue: When you log out and try to log in again, the browser displays an empty page. (Bug 1143141)

Workaround: Ensure that the URL includes the /idi suffix:


5.4 Ignores Some Identity Manager Data Received from Non-LDAP-based Drivers

Issue: Identity Intelligence receives data from Identity Manager through the Identity Manager Driver for Entity Data Model. This driver was designed to collect data that Identity Manager receives from drivers similar to the LDAP-based Directory Integration drivers for Identity Manager. Identity Intelligence can also receive data that originates from other types of Identity Manager drivers. However, some drivers might configure data in a way that the Entity Data Model driver cannot interpret. To avoid corrupting data that might be displayed in View and Profiles, the Entity Data Model driver ignores any collected content that does not meet its expected formatting.

For more information about the LDAP-based Directory Integration drivers, see the documentation site for Identity Manager drivers.

Workaround: If you have an incidence where Identity Intelligence fails to appropriately display data that originates from a non-LDAP-based driver, please contact our Customer Center to determine the exact nature of the data problems.

5.5 Legend is Unavailable for Non-Process Events in the Activity Type Visualization

Issue: In Views configured to summarize the data by Activity lifecycles plotted over time, you can change the visualization to display data by Activity Type. However, Identity Intelligence displays all non-process events as black dots. Also, the corresponding legend is not available. (Bug 1144466)

Workaround: None.

5.6 Formatting Issues in PDF if Columns Have Large Data

Issue: In the View’s table, when you add a column whose fields contain a large data, Identity Intelligence fails to export the data appropriately in the PDF file. For example, some rows in the Message column might contain such a large amount of data that Identity Intelligence cannot incorporate it appropriately in the PDF. (Bug 1064599)

Workaround: Export the data as a CSV file.

5.7 Identity Intelligence Displays a ? for User Information that Contains Non-English Characters

Issue: If user information such as a name or email ID contains non-English characters, Identity Intelligence displays ? for those non-English characters. (Bug 1146179)

Workaround: None.

5.8 Identity Intelligence Does not Display Identity Governance Account Aliases

Issue: Identity Intelligence does not display account that was used as an identity source for the user in Identity Governance. (Bug 1142135)

Workaround: If you have both Identity Manager and Identity Governance, configure data collection as follows:

5.9 Access Requests From Identity Governance Displays Approved Date Instead of Creation Date

Issue: In case of access request approval, Identity Intelligence displays approved date instead of creation date because creation date is replaced by approved date when the access request is approved. (Bug 1146908)

Workaround: None.

5.10 Search in Access Rights Page Does Not Display the Latest Details

Issue: When you launch the Access Rights page, Now is selected as the date picker option for search by default. After launching or reloading the Access Rights page, the search displays the latest details. However, when you click Search subsequently, it does not display the latest details. (Bug 1159997)

Workaround: You must click As of Now > Now in the date picker and then click Search to view the latest access rights details.

5.11 Known Issues in RedHat that Affect Identity Intelligence

Issue: Known issues associated with RedHat can affect Identity Intelligence by causing sluggish performance and errors in the server log, particularly in a single-node deployment.

  • You might observe slow responses times and that some of the deployed pods enter the “CrashLoopBackoff” state. This issue tends to occur because of large quantities of calls to the NFS client. (Bug 1145490)

  • When logging into Identity Intelligence, the server might send the user back to the login page, particularly after you first install Identity Intelligence. You would see the following type of error in the idi-web-app log:

    Unable to fetch user details from management after retrying, error: StatusCodeError: 401

    (Bug 1144088)

  • After logging into Identity Intelligence, you may be redirected to ADMIN > Account Groups page wherever you click on the user interface. (Bug 1144088)


  1. Follow the instructions in RedHat Solution 3915571.

  2. Restart the User Management pod by performing the following:

    1. Get the User Management pod details:

      kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep hercules-management

      Example output:

      NAMESPACE                                      NAME                               READY        STATUS         RESTARTS               AGE
      arcsight-installer-p2dlt         hercules-management-7f876b4978-9xkl6             2/2          Running            6                  10d       
    2. Delete the User Management pod:

      kubectl delete pod -n <namespace> <management pod name>


      kubectl delete pod -n arcsight-installer-p2dlt hercules-management-7f876b4978-9xkl6

      When you delete any pod, the pod will start automatically.

5.12 Vertica Uninstallation Cancels Unexpectedly

Issue: When uninstalling Vertica using the script, uninstallation cancels unexpectedly if you press Enter after typing y at the following prompt:

Are you sure that you want to UN-INSTALL Vertica node(s)? (y/n)?y 

(Bug 1148473)

Workaround: In the prompt, ensure that you do not press Enter after typing y.

5.13 Known Issues in Entity Data Model Driver

For known issues related to the Entity Data Model driver, see Known Issues in the Identity Manager Driver for Entity Data Model Implementation Guide.

6.0 Legal Notice

© Copyright 2019 Micro Focus or one of its affiliates.

The only warranties for products and services of Micro Focus and its affiliates and licensors (“Micro Focus”) are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Micro Focus shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

For additional information, such as certification-related notices and trademarks, see